Systemic Coaching – Discover your very own solution.

It’s all about people.

Discover your very own solution.
Systemic Coaching focuses on you and your solution. You will advance your personal development – with your own resources and potentials. 

The business relation between coach and client is confidential and represents a client-oriented collaboration between equal partners.

What you can expect from me
As a coach I am responsible for the structured coaching process and the offered methods, exactly as you require – the HOW TO.

As a coach I do not prompt. I frequently ask and question everything. At the beginning this may be uncomfortable, because one’s own comfort zone is a familiar, secure, and proven environment. You really should try to leave your comfort zone, it’s worth it.

You are prepared
to work actively on your clarification and development processes, as in your role as a client you are responsible for the content and scope of the coaching – the WHAT.

You make the conscious decision to leave your comfort zone to enable your own growth and development.

You decide about the subject of the coaching, your goal, and the moment you reach your goal.

Steps of the coaching process

Your motivation 
You want to clarify or change something or wish to develop and grow. You contact me.

First contact
In our initial meeting we define the goal, clarify expectations and wishes and clarify mutual rapport. Only then can the coaching begin in earnest.

During the structured coaching process you develop new or changed perspectives and approaches, supported by my questions and the offered methods. You recognize obstacles and patterns of behaviour and learn to change them to your advantage.

Directly after you reach your personal ‘finish line‘ we will reflect your way towards your goal and complete the coaching process.

Gerhard Kremser is a certified systemic coach & consultant a well as a hypno-systemic coach (European Coaching Association).